This young man from Rajasthan did such a thing with a Russian girl that it is shameful

Jaipur : Rajasthan is known for its hospitality. Tourists coming from all over the world are treated very well here. But there are some such social miscreants who do not hesitate to bring a bad name to the society. A similar case has come to light in the capital Jaipur. When a crazy boy called a Russian tourist visiting a historical fort as his wife. He wrote that you can take her with you for 200 or 500 rupees. This boy has been trolled so much on social media that now the matter has reached the police. A case has been registered against him in the police.

Told Russian tourist as wife

Police of Amer police station said that this young man told one of the tourists who had come to see Amer Fort that she was his wife, which is called Lugaai in Rajasthani language. The female tourist did not know Hindi, so she was also greeting the tourists by waving her hand and smiling and this boy was continuously using abusive language against the Russian tourist.

The video reached the police

When social media users tagged this video to the police, the cyber branch of Jaipur police sent this video to Amer police. Amer fort is visible in the video. Amer police said that the name of the accused youth is Vinod Meena. He has studied up to class 12. When the video went viral 2 months ago, he was arrested on charges of disturbing peace. Now this video has gone viral again, he has been taken into custody again.

People are defaming Indian culture

Police said that the video was made on April 11, the youth who made the video is said to be a resident of Amer area. This video is going viral very fast for two days and users are continuously commenting on it. They say that some people are defaming Indian culture, they should not be forgiven.