Tragic accident in Rajasthan, innocent girl dies in road accident, mourning in the house

Bhilwara : After continuous heat in Rajasthan, now rain is continuing in most of the areas. Along with rain, strong storm is also blowing in Rajasthan. Meanwhile, a big accident has come to light from Bhilwara district of Rajasthan. Here, during a strong storm, the tin shed of a house fell down. Due to which it got damaged. But in this incident, a 1-year-old innocent died, which is very sad.

Grandma and mother came running to save …

Actually, the incident happened in Malikheda village of Kotdi area. The family members had made one year old innocent Reena sleep in the open in the room. While her mother and grandmother were in the other room. There was a tin shed on top of their house. As soon as the storm started, the tin shed suddenly broke. After this, a cement pole and a big part of the tin shed fell on the innocent child. When the grandmother and mother ran towards the room, the innocent child was buried under the tin shed and that pole.

The innocent was taken out…but his breathing had stopped

Immediately after the incident, the neighbours living around the house were called. After about 10 to 15 minutes of effort, when the child was taken out, he had stopped breathing. However, the family members took him to the hospital where the doctor declared him dead.