Vegetable prices are skyrocketing, Gahara’s budget is shaken

Jodhpur : The skyrocketing prices of vegetables in Jodhpur these days has messed up the kitchen budget of the common man. The prices of almost every vegetable are sky high. Due to the heat, the supply of vegetables from local and other states is less. This is why the balance of demand and supply is disturbed. As a result, the prices of vegetables are rising. Coriander is being sold for Rs. 300, cluster beans for Rs. 200, ginger for Rs. 200 and garlic for Rs. 220 per kg. Except potatoes, the prices of most vegetables are more than Rs. 50-60 per kg. Tomato, which was being sold for Rs. 20 per kg a week ago, is now being sold for Rs. 70-80 per kg.

Extreme heat damages crops

Local vegetables come to Jodhpur from Osian, Tinwari, Mathania and the surrounding villages, but due to the intense heat the crops got spoiled, due to which less goods are coming to the market. Vegetables come to Jodhpur from other states like Maharashtra, Gujarat, Karnataka, Uttar Pradesh etc., but less vegetables are coming from these states as well.

Prices will remain high until there is adequate supply

Vegetable seller Sunil Gehlot said that the supply of local vegetables in Jodhpur is decreasing. Most of the vegetables in Jodhpur come from states like Gujarat, Maharashtra, Karnataka, Punjab etc. The supply is also decreasing due to high freight charges. Due to insufficient supply from all places, the prices of vegetables are rising.