Vehicle drivers can get a big gift in Rajasthan Budget 2024 today, petrol and diesel will be cheaper in Rajasthan

Jaipur : Today in Rajasthan, Bhajanlal government will present its first full budget for the financial year 2024-25. Finance Minister and Deputy Chief Minister Diya Kumari will read the budget speech in the assembly at 11 am. The first budget of Bhajanlal government will also show the road map of the government for the next five years. During this time many big announcements can also be made. In which VAT on petrol and diesel can be reduced. After the reduction of VAT, petrol and diesel will become cheaper in the state (Petrol Diesel Price Reduce in Rajasthan).

VAT was reduced by 2 percent in the month of March

Earlier, in March, 3 months before the Lok Sabha elections, the government had reduced VAT by 2 percent. Due to which the prices of petrol and diesel had come down. After the reduction of two percent in VAT on petrol, the price of petrol in the state had come down from Rs 1.40 to Rs 5.30. While diesel had come down from 1.34 paise to 4.85 paise. After VAT, the state government had to bear a burden of Rs 1500 crore.

It is worth mentioning that in Rajasthan, 31% VAT is levied on petrol and 19% on diesel. The central government levies excise duty on petrol. Similarly, the Rajasthan government levies VAT on petrol. Due to this, the most expensive petrol and diesel in the entire country was also in Rajasthan. Petrol pump operators of the state had gone on strike several times against this.