Why are school buses always yellow in colour? Know the real reason behind it

Jaipur : Yellow buses are not only in India but also in many other countries of the world. But why is the color of these school buses or vans always yellow? Have you ever tried to know the reason behind this? Why are these buses painted yellow? Very few people would know the reason behind this.

There are several important reasons behind this:

Security: More than any other colour, yellow is considered to be the most attention-grabbing colour. It is easily visible in daylight as well as fog. Due to this, other drivers, pedestrians and cyclists on the road are able to see school buses quickly, which reduces the risk of accidents.

Why distance from red colour: Among the various light factors, red colour has the longest wavelength (about 650 nm). It does not scatter like blue colour. Hence it is used to give danger and stop signals as it can be seen from a distance. Whereas yellow colour is below red colour and its wavelength is less than red but more than blue colour, this can be understood from VIBGYOR.

Standard: In many countries, school buses are required to use yellow as a color. This ensures that all school buses look the same and are easily recognizable.

Psychology: Studies have shown that yellow is associated with positive emotions, such as happiness and excitement. It can make children excited to go to school and make them feel safe on the school bus.

Supreme Court’s instructions: The Supreme Court has also issued instructions for school buses, according to which the color of the school cab will be highway yellow. There will be a 150 mm wide green horizontal stripe in the middle around the vehicle and ‘School Cab’ should be clearly written all around the vehicle.