‘Witness Protection Scheme’ gives the confidence to testify without fear, know about it

Jaipur : The role of witnesses is very important in any case. They are the eyes, nose and ears of the case. Therefore, they play an important role in getting the accused punished or getting the innocent acquitted. But many times these witnesses also lose their lives. And many times they refuse to testify due to the threat of an influential person. In such a situation, the case continues for years. Therefore, for the protection of witnesses, the government started the Witness Security Scheme. Under this, efforts are made to provide necessary security to witnesses at the national and state level. This also strengthens the criminal justice system.

Witness protection scheme gives full assurance of safety to witnesses

Rajasthan Police has given information about this witness protection scheme by posting on its social media account. Rajasthan Police said that under the recently made new laws, the witness protection scheme gives complete assurance of protection to the witnesses. Also, citing the Indian Civil Protection Code, it told why this scheme was started?

Who is a witness?

A witness is a person who has information or documents related to a matter, which can be used as evidence in the case.

Why was the Witness Protection Scheme launched?
This scheme was introduced to instill confidence in witnesses and to ensure that the ends of justice are served properly.

Salient features of Witness Protection Scheme

Under this scheme, provision has been made for the establishment of VWDC. These will be such centres where witnesses can testify without any fear.
Under this scheme, provision has been made to establish VWDC. These will be such centers where witnesses will be able to testify without any fear.
Under the scheme, States and Union Territories have been asked to set up sensitive witness statement complexes within a year.
This will give witnesses an opportunity to testify fearlessly against high and powerful people and the accused will also not be exposed.
The main reason for setting up these VWDCs is the high percentage of acquittals in criminal cases due to witnesses turning hostile and giving false testimony. The main reason for this is the lack of security for them and their families.
Witness Protection Scheme is applicable in all the states of India.
A separate Witness Protection Fund will be created in each State to meet the expenditure incurred under the Witness Protection Scheme.

Only witnesses of these three cases will get the benefit of witness protection scheme
After consultation with NALSA and Bureau of Police Research and Development (BPRD), the draft of Witness Protection Scheme was finalized which has been placed in three categories based on the protection of witnesses-

Cases where there is a serious threat to the life of the witness or his family members during or after the investigation.
Cases where there is an increased risk of harm to the reputation and property of the witness or his family members during investigation or trial.

Why was there a need for this plan?

It is worth noting that the need for this scheme has emerged after the hearing of a PIL for the protection of witnesses in the rape case related to Asaram Bapu. Because many people who testified against Asaram were murdered and many were attacked.