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Karauli : A heart-wrenching incident has come to light from Karauli district of Rajasthan. Around five in the morning, such a current passed through the house that the whole house got engulfed by it. Five sisters and two brothers sleeping right next to the cooler were immediately taken to the hospital. Where one sister has died, the condition of four others remains very critical. Two others have been admitted to a nearby hospital. The incident is from Bukna village of Sapotra area.

5 sisters and 2 brothers were sleeping together in the same room

Actually, today at 5 am, a high tension wire broke and fell on a nearby transformer. Due to the falling of the wire, the load of the transformer increased manifold and so much current came out of it that the entire nearby house was hit by the current. There, five sisters and their two brothers were sleeping near the line in a room. There was a cooler running for everyone. So much current spread near the cooler that everyone was hit by it. Other members of the family were sleeping in other rooms but they were saved.

One person has died and many of the body parts of two people are not working

All seven were taken to the hospital after being struck by the current. Out of them, 15-year-old Priya died. Her two sisters Suman and Sandhya have been referred to Jaipur. Both are undergoing treatment in Jaipur. Many parts of their bodies have stopped working. 7-year-old Annu and 6-year-old Ayush have been admitted to the nearby Gangapur City district. 9-year-old Monika is undergoing treatment in Karauli.

There was chaos in the whole house

Family members said that the electrical appliances of the entire house have been damaged. There is chaos in the entire house. But even after that no officer or employee from the electricity department has reached the spot. Somehow the villagers themselves have switched off the power line and taken the children to the hospital. There is an atmosphere of panic in the entire village.