You too be careful, a woman bank manager was cheated online, know the matter

Jaipur : A case of cyber fraud has come to light with a female bank manager living in Mahesh Nagar of the capital Jaipur, where cyber thugs have duped the female bank manager of Rs 17 lakh. The fraudsters kept the female bank manager in digital arrest through video call for about 5 hours. Also, the victim has registered a case in the Special Crime and Cyber ​​Crime Police Station.

Fraud by posing as TRAI member

The woman manager of SBI Bank received a call on the morning of June 20. The caller introduced himself as Rajiv and said that he was a member of TRAI. He intimidated the victim by saying that a SIM card has been issued in Maharashtra using her Aadhaar card. Illegal activities are being conducted through this, due to which he asked her to issue another SIM card. At first the victim refused, then the fraudster transferred the call and said that he would make her talk to Mumbai Police. At the same time, the caller told his name as Vinay Khanna and disconnected the call. Immediately after this, a call came from another number and asked her to install Skype software and talk on it.

17 lakh rupees transferred

After this, in the name of verification in the Reserve Bank, the victim was asked to transfer Rs 20 lakh from her account. The victim broke her FD and got Rs 17 lakh transferred. After this, she was deceived and told that the money will be returned to her bank account in 6 to 8 hours. And the remaining Rs 3 lakh will also have to be deposited. In this way, the fraudsters made the female bank manager their victim.

The amount was given by breaking the FD

First she broke her FD and transferred Rs 17 lakh to the cyber fraudster, then she was closing her mutual fund on the instructions of the fraudster, but in the meantime her family members disconnected the phone, due to which her remaining amount was saved. After this incident, the victim got so scared that when her family members tried to stop her, she silenced them by saying that CBI is questioning her and she locked herself in the room.