Youth shot dead in old rivalry, accused arrested in encounter


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पुरानी रंजिश में युवक की गोली मारकर हत्या, हत्यारोपी मुठभेड़ में गिरफ्तार

Prayagraj . A young man was shot dead on Sunday night in a case of old rivalry in the Phaphamau area of the district. The police had formed five teams to arrest the accused named in the incident. Meanwhile, the accused had an encounter with the police during checking. The accused was shot in the leg during the action and he is being admitted to the hospital for further action.

Police officer Abhishek, who was involved in the encounter, said that on the intervening night of Sunday and Monday, Sandeep Pal and his friend were shot and killed by bike-borne assailants in the Gadopur area of Phaphamau. Both were admitted to the hospital in an injured condition. Where Sandeep died. During the investigation, it was found that the incident was carried out due to old rivalry. In this case, the deceased’s brother Ranjit Pal filed a named case against Arsh alias Billi.

In the incident, the police formed five teams and laid siege in search of the accused. Meanwhile, the accused, who was running away, got surrounded during the checking of vehicles and he fired at the police team with a pistol. Meanwhile, the accused was shot in the leg in the encounter and he fell down, who was caught. He is being admitted to the hospital in an injured condition and further action is being taken in the incident.

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