73 thousand students disappeared from schools in Rajasthan without TC, panic in the education department

Jhunjhunu : More than 73 thousand students left schools in the session 2023-24 in the state. The students did not give any reason for leaving the school nor did they take TC from the concerned institution. Such students were not even admitted to another school due to lack of TC. In such a situation, the education department is having to work hard to find them. Actually, the education department collected information about the students who left education in the session 2023-24 from government and non-government schools across the state from U-DISE (Unified District Information System for Education). It was revealed that in this session there are 73047 students of the state who stopped coming to school and did not even take TC from the concerned institution. On this, the department has ordered the concerned officials to find such students and connect them with the schools.

Nutritional checkup of students is necessary

Thousands of students stopped coming to school, but their names remained in the school as TC was not issued. In such a situation, it is a matter of investigation whether the nutrition of the students who left the school was also picked up or not. If the nutrition was picked up considering the admission of the students, then who used it.

Loss due to leaving studies in the middle of the session

Even if the education department personnel are successful in finding the students who left the school without TC, such students have wasted one session, which will be reconnected with the schools. The biggest problem is that it is becoming difficult to trace such students 100%. In fact, most of the students who left the schools stopped studying in the initial phase of the session 2023-24. Despite this, the education department did not search for such students in the entire session. Only a few days are left for the start of session 2024-25. Efforts should be made to add new students in this. At the same time, the department is busy finding the students who left the school in the session 2023-24, whereas such students should have been traced before August-September last year.

Such students stayed away from school

It is believed that the students who have left the school may be poor, from weaker sections, nomadic castes or from other states. They were admitted to the school but later left the school. If this is so, then a lot of effort will have to be made to reconnect such students who are being deprived of education. Sources say that in some cases, students studying in private schools did not pay the fees to the concerned institution, which later took admission in another school on the basis of stamp paper.