Violence flared up further in Jodhpur, Section 144, market closed, police deployed

Jodhpur : The ruckus in Jodhpur’s Sur Sagar is not stopping yet. The police is continuously making arrests. Around twenty people have been taken into custody from late last night till early morning today. In an attempt to control the situation, the police has imposed Section 144 in the affected areas. Still, if the situation goes out of control, the internet can also be shut down. Actually, in Jodhpur, around ten o’clock late at night, there was a ruckus between two parties in Sur Sagar area over making two new doors of a dargah.

After this uproar, two vehicles were torched and a shop was set on fire. Apart from this, there was heavy stone pelting from both sides. Many policemen including an inspector were injured. After this incident, SATF, RAC and RSF have been called. The markets of Sursagar and the surrounding area have been closed. Section 144 has been imposed in all the surrounding areas. In this case, two cases have been registered by both the sides. One case has been registered by the police for stone pelting and assault. To ensure that the matter does not escalate, the police is in touch with the enlightened people of both the sides. The new door that was built has been closed for the time being.