A 3 feet tall statue of Lord Vishnu was found during the excavation of a plot in Rajasthan, crowd gathered

Alwar : On Thursday, when a three feet black stone statue of Lord Vishnu was found in village Tasai of Kathumar subdivision, people thronged to see it. Sarpanch Mukesh Chauhan told that there was an ancient mound near the Sati temple of Brahmin community. It was excavated about a month ago. The soil taken out from the mound was dumped on a plot.

On Thursday, when the work of leveling the soil was going on with the tractor, suddenly the tractor collided with a stone buried in the soil. When the owners of that plot removed the soil with a shovel etc., a statue was seen there. After this, many people lifted the statue and straightened it, and the statue of Lord Vishnu came out. On the news of the statue being found, people gathered and started coming to see the statue. Village elder Bhumi Dutt Sharma told that Tasai village is ancient and even today there are high mounds at many places in the village. It is said that in the fifteenth century, Tanhauri village was settled on a high mound. Now it is known as Tasai village. Very ancient Shiva temples were also found during excavation in Tasai. In 1968 also many rare statues were found during excavation. It is known as Pataleshwar Mahadev Temple.