Inflation hits Rajasthan, kitchen budget shaken, everyday items also become expensive

Kota : A discussion was organized at the residence of Panchayat Samiti Pradhan Nagar on Thursday as part of the Samvad program being run regarding the budget of the Rajasthan government coming in the month of July. During this, women and housewives discussed the budget and expressed their views. Women openly gave their suggestions in the Samvad program on the continuously rising inflation on food items and demanded the government to provide relief on this in the budget. Praising the Samvad program being run regarding the budget, Pradhan Nagar said that by taking a lead in social concerns and discussing all issues with the common people, it works to bring the problems to the government. Organizing a Samvad program with housewives regarding inflation is worthy of praise.

In this dialogue program, the housewives discussed the skyrocketing prices of everyday food items used in the kitchen and while expressing their expectations from the budget coming in the month of July, said that the way the government is not controlling inflation, the prices of all things have doubled. Today, it has become difficult to run the household expenses when the prices of tea leaves, soap, paste, turmeric, coriander, salt, chilli, garlic, onion and other cosmetic items have doubled.
Similarly, the prices of gram dal, pigeon pea, groundnut oil are skyrocketing. If the rising inflation is controlled by giving relief in taxes on all these food items and cosmetic items, then the middle class people will not have any problem in managing the household expenses. If the rate of inflation keeps on increasing like this, then one day we will have to go hungry.

Grocery merchants Suresh Khandelwal and Lalit Adalkkha said that the price of gram dal has increased from 60 to 85 rupees a kg, toor dal from 110 to 180, peanut oil from 140 to 210, cumin from 200 to 400, black pepper from 500 to 800, tea leaves from 65 to 120 and ghee from 420 to 550. Similarly, vegetable vendors said that green chilli is Rs 150 per kg, potato is 40 rupees a kg, tomato is 50 rupees a kg, ladyfinger is 60 rupees a kg, brinjal is 80 rupees a kg, pumpkin is 40 rupees a kg. Thus, with the increase in the prices of all the vegetables, women buying vegetables are making do with half a kg instead of one kg so that the household budget does not get spoiled.

Pradhan Vandana Nagar said that due to the government not controlling the rising inflation rate, inflation is skyrocketing day by day. Due to this, earlier ration for a month was available but now ration for 15 days is available at the same price, in this situation it has become difficult to manage the household expenses. If this inflation is controlled, then housewives will get relief in managing the household expenses.

Anjana said that the government should provide relief through the budget in July. The rising prices of kitchen items should be curbed. If inflation is reduced and relief is provided on food items, women will get a lot of relief.
Bhavna said that the rates of gas and electricity should be reduced. Tax exemption should be given on items used in the kitchen every day. This will provide relief to the common man and he will not have to bear the brunt of this rising inflation.
Kantibai said that 20 years ago we used to buy a bag full of vegetables for Rs. 50 from the market. This would last for a week. Today even Rs. 1000 is not enough to buy vegetables for a week. Just imagine how women must be managing the household expenses in this rising inflation.
Anita said that the government has increased inflation by imposing tax on all items. The tax amount is being distributed free of cost like sweets. If this amount is given as relief by giving discount on the rate of food items, then the kitchen items will not be out of the reach of women. And if the situation remains the same, then household expenses will have to be met by cutting down on food items.
Manorama Bai said that the household income has not increased due to the increase in inflation, but the condition of the house has become such that earlier we used to buy 1 kg of milk, now we have to buy half a kg. Vegetables are being bought for half a kg instead of 1 kg. Similarly, we have to manage the household by cutting down on grocery items. If the inflation continues in the same way, only God can save us.
Mona Nagar said that the prices of all the items used in the kitchen have increased due to inflation and due to this the condition of the houses is getting worse. All the items used in the kitchen are such that work cannot be done without them. Therefore, the government is requested to control the rising inflation on all the items used in the kitchen and provide relief by reducing the rising prices.