A mountain of sorrow fell on this family, news of death came amidst happiness, know the matter

Pali : A 20-year-old youth died in a road accident late last night in Pali district of Rajasthan. His 19-year-old wife was waiting for him at home. She had to be taken to the hospital due to stomach pain. She was 7 months pregnant. When the wife got the news of her husband’s death this morning, she fainted. The incident took place in Chhota Rani area of ​​Pali district.

Wife is having labor pain, husband said I will come right away

Police said that 20 year old Lalaram used to work as a labourer. He reached home at around 7 pm yesterday. Around 9:30 pm, he got a call from someone and he left the house saying that he would meet him. His 7 month pregnant wife was waiting for him at home. She had to go to the doctor due to labour pain, the husband said that he would return in some time.

head separated from torso

This morning we got the news that Lalaram died in a road accident late last night. An unknown vehicle hit him and the collision was so severe that his head was separated from the body. When the family got the news at around 9 o’clock, Lalaram’s elder brother reached the morgue. When the elder brother saw his brother’s body in the morgue at Bangar Hospital in Pali district, his condition deteriorated.

Pintu Devi’s condition worsened after seeing this

After some time, wife Pintu Devi was also called there. She fainted after seeing her husband’s decapitated body. Police said that Pintu, a resident of Udaipur, was married to Lalaram, a resident of Pali, 3 years ago. She is 7 months pregnant, but now her condition is getting worse. She has been rushed to the hospital.