This less educated elderly woman earns lakhs of rupees, got award from the President, know more

Jaipur : There are farmers in many districts of Rajasthan who have done many inventions and experiments in farming despite the adverse nature. For this, they continued to work patiently and continuously, the results came in their favor even if late. Some of them even got the President’s Award, that too not once but twice. One such woman farmer lives in Sikar district of Rajasthan and her name is Santosh Pachar. Her work is as good as her name, working very carefully and patiently, she developed a new variety of carrot seeds.

Santosh Devi lives in a small village in Sikar

Actually, Santosh Devi, who lives in a village in Sikar district, has studied up to the eighth standard. Since she has agricultural land, she has been helping in farming. Along with farming, the responsibility of the family and society is also on her. Santosh, who cultivates carrots, said that the price was low because the carrots were short and crooked. She was unable to get an idea to correct them. In such a situation, she started going to fairs and workshops organized by the state government and gathered some information from there.

Farmers come to Santosh Devi from far and wide to get training

Santosh Devi did some experiments on carrot seeds with desi cow ghee and honey and tried to change the quality of seeds. Results started coming in a short time. Production started taking less time, wastage started reducing and carrots started growing up to 1.5 feet long. Every year, they were able to earn a profit of about two to two and a half lakh rupees, which increased to fifty lakhs. Santosh Devi Pachaar has imparted knowledge of this special technique to more than ten thousand farmers in a few years. She has also received the President’s Medal in the years 2013 and 2017. Farmers come from far and wide to take training from her.