An elderly patient standing in line for medicine died, causing a stir, know the matter

Jaipur : The mismanagement in the Satellite Hospital located in Motidungri of the capital is increasing the problems of the patients. Actually, 650 to 700 patients reach the OPD of the Satellite Hospital daily from the surrounding areas. First they have to register, then they have to stand in queues to see the doctor. The patients are facing the most difficulty in getting medicines. The reason is that there is only one counter for medicine distribution here. Due to which the patients have to stand in queues for a long time. Investigation revealed that earlier there were two counters here, one of which has been closed. In such a situation, only two out of four pharmacists are left for medicine distribution. It is worth noting that this hospital has about 10 departments including medicine, gynecology, pediatrics, orthopedics and dermatology.

No problem in seeing doctors, no problem in taking medicines

Along with men and women, many elderly people are also forced to stand in the queue for medicines. Elderly Sitaram and Akhlaq Ahmed said that they did not face as much difficulty in consulting doctors as they were facing in getting medicines. I am constantly in touch with the officials regarding this problem. I have also sent it in writing. Many times, nursing staff is deployed in view of the crowd. It is hoped that pharmacists will be found soon and another counter will be started.