Food department tightens its grip on adulterators in the capital, fake ghee seized, FIR against the company

Jaipur : If you are going to buy Saras Ghee, then now you will be able to identify whether it is real or fake. For this, you will know by scanning the QR code on the packing of the ghee box. Sushma Arora, MD of Rajasthan Cooperative Dairy Federation (RCDF), told that fake or adulterated ghee in the name of Saras is being caught every day in the market. Consumers are getting upset due to this. So that people do not buy fake or adulterated Saras Ghee, a QR code with two-level verification is being issued on half and one litre packing of ghee. This QR code has been put in this month’s packing of Saras Ghee.

This is how you can identify

There will be a hologram of Saras logo on the packet of ghee which will give a QR code when scratched. By scanning it with a mobile phone, the consumer will be able to identify real or fake ghee. On scanning the QR code, different unique ID numbers will be visible on every packing. The batch number will also be visible in it. Not only this, the manufacturing and expiry date along with MRP will also be visible on the packing. On scanning, the logo of Saras Ghee will also be visible.

Fake ghee of Tagore brand found in Iper Mart

Jaipur. In the case of fake ghee, Saras Dairy has lodged an FIR against D-Mart and Khandelwal & Company located in Kukarkheda on Friday. Also, the stock of Pro-Vedic Ghee has been seized at various places. After the case came to light, instructions have been given to take action against fake ghee across the state. Fake ghee of Saras and Pro-Vedic brands was seized at D-Mart’s Malviya Nagar store on Thursday. After this, information about the stock of ghee present at all the stores in Jaipur was sought from the area manager of D-Mart. Additional Food Safety Commissioner Pankaj Ojha said that the manager has said that there is a stock of 2700 liters. Instructions were given to the area manager of D-Mart to collect this stock at one place for seizure, but D-Mart returned the stock of ghee to the vendor on Friday morning through a transfer note. Action is being taken by issuing a notice against D-Mart. The investigation also revealed that the firm from which D-Mart bought Saras Ghee is not the authorized distributor of Saras Dairy. Fake ghee boxes were recovered from the cartons there.

FIR has also been lodged by Saras Dairy against Khandelwal & Company and D-Mart in the concerned police station. Teams have been sent to other places including Dausa and Niwai on the information of fake ghee. Pro-Vedic ghee is being seized by giving information throughout the state. 600 liters of Saras ghee was also seized at D-Mart’s Lalkothi store on the basis of suspicion and samples were taken.

tarnished the image of Saras

Sanjay Sharma of Jaipur Dairy has filed a report in Malviya Nagar police station on Friday in the case of selling fake Saras Ghee in D-Mart. The report said that the ghee found in D-Mart was found to be fake when compared with the records of Jaipur Dairy. People’s health is being played with. Fake ghee has put Saras and iPer On the information of fake Saras Ghee at Mart, Sirsi Road, a team was also sent to the warehouse located at Kanota. Here the stock of Saras Ghee was found to be correct. Still, as a precaution, samples of Saras and Goras Ghee have been taken from the store of Iper Mart on Sirsi Road. When fake Tagore brand oil was found in Iper Mart, 4 liters of oil was seized and samples were taken. 103 liters of substandard Pro-Vedic Ghee has also been seized in Jodhpur.

risk of serious diseases

There is a risk of serious diseases due to the continuous consumption of adulterated food items. There is a possibility of getting cancer of the gall bladder, intestine, food pipe, stomach, pancreas. When the history of the patients is asked, unsafe food habits are also emerging as a major reason for this.