Railway passengers got a shock, Railways is charging penalty by issuing waiting tickets first

These days a rule of the railways has become a cause of trouble for the railway passengers. Under this, despite charging the fare, the railways are not giving confirmed tickets to the passengers and are also charging them a fine. The suffering of such passengers is being seen daily in the trains passing through Jaipur. Actually, even after the confirmed tickets are over, the railways are issuing more than 100 waiting tickets to thousands of passengers every day. But they are also charging a fine from the passengers for traveling on this waiting ticket.

Earlier passengers were allowed to travel with waiting tickets but these days they are being made to get off the coaches. Not only this, they are also being charged a fine. In the last 10 days, fines have been charged from more than 2 thousand passengers in Jaipur division. They are being forcibly made to get off the reservation coach and sent to the general coach. It is already crowded there. In such a situation, anger is growing among the passengers against this rule of the railways. Many passengers are also complaining and expressing their pain through social sites.

During investigation, these conditions were seen in the trains

When we investigated the trains passing through Jaipur, we found shocking conditions. The general coaches of most trains were jam packed. On the other hand, the sleeper coaches were crowded, people were forced to travel sitting and standing in the gallery. There is a waiting list of 80 to 100 for booking in sleeper class for Ajmer-Jammu Tawi train from Jaipur to Jammu. There is a waiting list of 20 to 50 for booking in AC coach. Similar situation is seen in Malani Express. Waiting in sleeper coach of Ajmer-Sealdah train going from Jaipur to Kolkata has reached 120. Waiting in sleeper class of Bikaner-Prayagraj train has also reached 80. Similar conditions are seen in trains going from Jaipur to Hyderabad, Ahmedabad, Chennai, Haridwar, Dehradun, Patna.