Bloody game, girlfriend along with her boyfriend killed her friend, know the matter

Bikaner : A heart-wrenching incident has come to light from Bikaner where a girl, along with her boyfriend, strangled her friend to death and then chopped her body into pieces with an axe. The police have arrested the accused lovers in the case. Actually, Sangeeta (35), a resident of Hanumangarh, met Muskan in Jodhpur. After some time, their friendship deepened. During this time, Sangeeta met a man named Vikas Maan (37), who was also a resident of Jodhpur. After some time, Sangeeta and Vikas grew closer and both started living in a relationship. However, during this time, friend Muskan would advise Sangeeta not to live in a live-in relationship. Angered by this, Sangeeta, along with her boyfriend, planned to kill Muskan. As per the plan, both of them called Muskan, then strangled her to death. To prevent Muskan from being identified, both of them separated her head from the body with an axe, cut off her hands as they had tattoos on both of them and threw them in a canal away from the city.

Strangled in Jodhpur, chopped body thrown in Bikaner

2-3 days after the murder, the headless body of a woman was found in a garbage heap near the underpass at Gharsisar in Bikaner. After receiving information, the police reached the spot and started identifying the body. The woman was identified as Muskan, a resident of Pali. After this, assuming it to be a murder, the police started investigation. CCTV footage near the place where the body was found was checked. In which, after suspecting a car, the number was taken out. On the basis of the number, the police reached Jodhpur and took Vikas Maan into custody. After interrogation, his girlfriend Sangeeta was also arrested. Police said that both of them have confessed to the murder.

After interrogation, the police told that both of them called the deceased Muskan and strangled her to death in the car. Then they reached Bikaner by road and after beheading her, they dumped the body there. The remaining body parts (head and hands) were dumped in Panchbatti drain in Jodhpur. On Friday morning, on the directions of the accused, a search operation was conducted in the drain in Panchbatti area where Muskan’s head and both hands were found in a sack. After this, the team has left for Bikaner with both the accused.