BAP MP and supporters handed over blood samples to the police, see the whole matter in the video

Bharat Adivasi Party (BAP) MP (Banswara) Rajkumar Roat and his supporters, who were going towards the residence of Education Minister Madan Dilawar, were stopped by the police at Ambedkar Circle (Jaipur). As a precautionary measure, the entire area was converted into a cantonment.

Seeing the situation heating up, at around 12:30 pm on Saturday afternoon, the police took blood samples collected from Roat and his supporters. After this, the situation calmed down a bit. After this, the supporters returned.

Earlier, Rath had said- This matter is not going to be buried here. This matter will be raised in the Vidhan Sabha. I will also raise this issue in front of Modi ji in the Parliament. If the sample is not taken here, then the blood sample will be given to PM Narendra Modi in the Parliament for DNA test.

Political controversy deepens over the statement on DNA test
The political controversy has deepened over the statement of Education Minister Madan Dilawar regarding DNA testing of tribals. MP (Banswara) Rajkumar Roat was going to Madan Dilawar’s government residence with his supporters to give blood sample for DNA testing. Roat had announced this two days ago.

Around 11 am, Roat reached Amar Jawan Jyoti with his supporters. Several leaders including Congress MLA from Gangapur, Ramkesh Meena were present here.