Beniwal is not happy with Rajasthan Budget 2024, expressed his anger, took a dig at BJP

Jaipur : RLP MP Hanuman Beniwal gave his reaction on Rajasthan’s budget. He wrote a post on social media and pointed out the shortcomings in the budget. User @jaiky_bhati wrote that you keep crying like this, “You have a habit of finding faults in everything. The budget was absolutely correct.”

“The budget speech has also come typed from Delhi”
Hanuman Beniwal wrote, “The budget presented by the state finance minister in the Rajasthan assembly showed a lack of concrete action plans for the welfare of villages, farmers and labourers. In the budget speech, the finance minister was repeatedly mentioning the central schemes, which also made it clear that just like the slip with the name of the chief minister came from Delhi, the budget speech was also typed from Delhi.”

“Most of the government’s budget announcements are just a show-off”
MP Hanuman Banewal wrote, “Most of the budget announcements will not be implemented. I was reading the copy of the budget speech, in which the roads related to Merta and Jayal area of ​​Nagaur district and ROB in Khatu were announced, those works were approved in March 2024 itself under the CRIF scheme, whose proposals were also sent by me to the central government in my first term as an MP, in such a situation, showing the approved works as part of the budget announcement again proves that most of the budget announcements of the Rajasthan government are just a sham!”

“The talk of giving employment to 4 lakh youth is also just a pretense”
Beniwal wrote, “When the CM had a pre-budget dialogue, it seemed that he would work towards solving the problems prevalent at the ground level in the state. But, nothing like this was seen in the budget speech and it is also clear from all these things that the talk of giving employment to 4 lakh youth in 5 years is also just a sham! During the tenure of the previous Congress government, the BJP made fun of the Congress for 5 years over the announcement of farmer loan waiver. Now I want to ask the BJP government that now that you are in power, why was there no mention in the budget about complete loan waiver of farmers?”

Hanuman Beniwal wrote, “The lack of decisions like waiving off farmers’ loans, making state highways toll-free, converting agricultural connections given under the drip irrigation scheme into the general category within a year was seen in this budget, which is unfortunate!”