CM Bhajanlal’s hometown is second in women harassment, uproar in the House

Jaipur : Congress MLA Indra Meena asked a question on women harassment during the question hour in the assembly. How many cases of women harassment have been registered in Rajasthan from January 2024 to June. Answering this question, Bhajanlal government minister Gajendra Singh Khinvsar said that 20776 cases of women harassment were registered from January 1, 2024 to June 30, 2024.

The highest number of cases of women harassment have been registered in Alwar

In the last 6 months, the highest number of 881 cases of crime against women have been registered in Alwar. Bharatpur is at second place, which is the hometown of Rajasthan CM Bhajanlal Sharma. The opposition created a ruckus over crime against women. They raised slogans against the government. They demanded a CBI inquiry into the Dimple Meena murder case in Karauli.

Tikaram Julie asked- how many cases of Dalit crime are there

Leader of Opposition Tikaram Julie said, “The issue of women harassment is very serious. The directions given by the new government to the officials to stop these crimes have all been implemented in the Congress government. I want the minister to tell that in the figures of crimes against women that he just told in the House, he should also tell how many cases of Dalit crime are there. How many cases of minors are there. Also, in how many cases challans are pending. The government gives packages to Dalit women. How much package is still pending and how much has been given. Answer this.”

Gajendra Singh Khinvsar said- Crime cases decreased by 6% in our government

Medical Minister Gajendra Singh Khinvsar told the assembly that 22074 cases were registered in 2022. In 2023, they were reduced to 21087. During this period, the population has increased continuously. But, cases of crimes against women have decreased by 6 percent in our government.

“Increased by 43% in one month”

Leader of Opposition Tikaram Julie, while referring to the figures given by the BJP minister, said, “In April 2024, 2861 cases of women harassment were registered. Whereas, 4088 cases were registered in May 2024. That is, there has been an increase of about 43 percent in just 1 month and you are talking of 6% less. Where are these figures coming from? Do not mislead the Parliament.”

What steps did Bhajanlal government take to stop crimes against women?

The minister said that after the formation of Bhajan Lal government in Rajasthan, we have identified 7400 such places where there is more movement of women. These include shopping malls, parks, cinema halls etc. We have ordered to install 20 thousand 615 new CCTVs at these places. Earlier there were only 11500 CCTVs. We are installing 20 thousand more. Along with this, 200 motorcycles have been given to the women squad. Along with this, the facility of wireless body cam has also been provided.

How many villages with a population of more than 500 are connected by road

According to the 2011 census, how many villages in Chhabra with a population of more than 500 have been connected by road? Answering this, PWD Minister of State Manju Waghmar said, “BJP has formed the government in Rajasthan. The deprived villages will be connected by roads on priority basis.”