Bhajanlal government will present full budget tomorrow, know what is special this time

Jaipur : Bhajan Lal government’s first full budget can be 20 lakh crores. Through the budget, the government will prepare the economic roadmap of the state. The budget will have a special focus on youth employment and women empowerment. There is going to be a lot of special things in the budget for industries and health sector as well.

75 thousand new jobs are expected to be announced

Chief Minister Bhajanlal Sharma has sought suggestions from groups of different sections for a month. The government can also make many big announcements to provide relief to the middle class. It is expected that 75 thousand new jobs will be announced. The government can also promise to give jobs to the youth every month.

Announcement of reduction of VAT on petrol and diesel is also possible

An announcement of reducing VAT on petrol and diesel is also possible. After increasing the reservation for women in third grade teacher recruitment, it can be increased in other recruitments as well. The scope of women reservation will be increased. The impact of the central government’s schemes can be seen in this budget.

Expected to announce special loan for women

On the lines of Lakhpati Didi, a special loan for women can be announced. The scope of Ayushman Yojana can be expanded on the lines of Gehlot government’s Chiranjeevi Yojana. There is a consideration to include serious diseases and expensive treatment as well. The state government can also take a decision regarding increasing the retirement age of government employees in the budget. A new industrial policy is also expected to be announced. There will also be a special focus on the solar industry in the budget.

Efforts to connect SC, ST class with solar industry

There is enthusiasm in the solar sector due to PM Suryodaya Yojana. Currently, Rajasthan is the leading state in solar energy production. There is a discussion going on how backward classes can benefit from the solar industry. There will be an effort to connect SC, ST classes with the solar industry.

Announcement of new excise and environmental policy is also possible
It is also possible to announce a new excise and environmental policy in the budget. To encourage Shri Anna in the state, the government can announce the purchase of millet. Shri Anna can be included in the mid-day meal. To rid Rajasthan of toll, state highways can be made toll free.

There will be a special focus in the budget on the five seats where by-elections are being held
There will be a special focus in the budget on the five seats where by-elections are to be held. The government is also eyeing the municipal elections and panchayat elections in the coming time. There is also a plan to announce a special fund for councillors and sarpanches.

Emphasis on research and innovation in Rajasthan
The government can announce to cover diseases requiring expensive treatment under Ayushman Yojana. Many announcements are expected to be made on making Rajasthan a global standard education hub. Search innovation center will be established to emphasize research and innovation in Rajasthan. The government can do many innovations to remove the anomalies related to GST. Many exemptions can be given to the hotel industry in the state. Small hotels can also be included in the land conversion policy.

There will be emphasis on setting up dairy and agro processing clusters
There will be an emphasis on setting up dairy and agro processing clusters in the budget. In the meeting with the CM, Mandi traders had demanded reduction of Mandi fee in the budget. The government can also take strict steps regarding the use of pesticides in the production of vegetables and fruits.

There will also be a focus on developing food parks
The budget will also focus on creating agriculture based industries clusters and developing food parks in the state. A special announcement can be made to increase mustard production in Rajasthan. Traders have also demanded strict action against bogus firms and strict laws for check bounce from the CM. The real estate sector has already demanded a reduction in stamp duty from the CM. An announcement regarding this is possible in the budget.

The government can also take several steps to improve MSME
It is expected that a plastic recycling policy will be announced in the state. The government can also take several steps to improve MSME. The state will be made better for investment. A single window system will be created for this. The government can also make an announcement to link MNREGA with industries.

Focus in the budget on giving unemployment allowance to the youth
There is a possibility of announcement in the budget about special focus on skill development and unemployment allowance for the youth. Announcements are also possible to promote low-water industries in Rajasthan. In the budget, new schemes will also be seen by closing many schemes of the Gehlot government in various sectors.