Now UG-first year dropouts can also take admission in government colleges of Rajasthan

Jaipur : These days the admission process has started in colleges and universities in Rajasthan. Government colleges have given good news to the students regarding this. Now the students who were deprived of admission due to the gap in two academic sessions will also be able to take admission in colleges. Rajasthan College Commissionerate has issued orders in this regard. After this information issued by the colleges, those students will also get benefit who could not go to college in the last two years due to some reason. Actually, due to the preparations for PTET, NEET, JEE and other similar examinations, many students of 12th were not able to take admission in college. At the same time, due to the gap of two academic sessions i.e. two years after 12th, regular admission was also banned by Rajasthan College Commissionerate. But now this ban has been lifted, which has given great relief to the candidates who have a gap of two years.

Age factor and drop out students will benefit

According to the order issued by the Commissionerate of College Education, admission was no longer given under the admission policy approved by the state government for the academic session 2024-25, which has now been removed. Earlier there was a provision in this point that students having a gap of two or more academic sessions were not allowed to enter the next class and attend classes even as regular or private students. Now with the end of this provision, those students have got relief who were not able to get admission in college due to age. And their dream of doing graduation remained unfulfilled. Apart from this, there are a large number of students who were not able to take admission in graduation due to preparation for PTET, JEE, NEET or other similar competitive examinations. In such a situation, those students will also get relief now and they will also be able to do graduation.