Bhajanlal government will soon implement the new transfer policy, know what will be the provisions

Jaipur : BJP has promised to bring a new transfer policy in the state in its election manifesto. After coming to power, it started working on it, its draft was also prepared, but the cabinet could not approve the draft. It is being discussed that the desire system of public representatives has not been included in the new transfer policy. This is what is bothering the public representatives. The MLAs want that their say should also be considered in the transfers. Recently, the MLAs of the ruling party have also put forth their point in front of CM Bhajanlal Sharma. Therefore, it will not be easy for the government to implement the new transfer policy. If the government has the intention, then it can be implemented as soon as possible by removing the obstacles.

Highlights in the draft…

After appointment, the employee will not be transferred before 3 years. Every employee will have to work in rural areas for 2 years while in service.
Online applications will be sought before the transfer. Officers and employees will be able to apply for transfer for the vacant post as per their wish.

Government should do this…

The need for the transfer policy draft can be explained by communicating with public representatives. There should be a separate meeting with those who have objections. Employee organizations can also be taken along.
If there are provisions related to transfers keeping in mind the interest of the system, then an example can be set. There is a need to prevent its politicisation.
Examples can be given of such states where work has become easier after the implementation of the transfer policy.

Departments are divided into A and B categories

All the departments have been divided into A and B categories, the departments which have more than 2000 employees are placed in category A and the departments which have less than 2000 personnel are placed in category B. The departments of category A have to make their own transfer policy by incorporating the guidelines issued by the Department of Administrative Reforms as per their requirements, while in the departments of category B, only the transfer policy of the Department of Administrative Reforms will be applicable. There are big departments like PHED, Medical and Education in category A.

If the situation regarding teachers is clarified then it will be a matter

The situation regarding third grade teachers should be clear in the new transfer policy draft, which is not there right now. On what basis will their transfers take place? Third grade teachers have not been transferred for the last 10 years. The previous government had sought applications for transfers of third grade teachers but did not transfer them.

The demand for a new transfer policy has been going on for a long time

There has been a demand for making a new transfer policy for the transfer of employees in the state for about 30 years. Governments come. Then the exercise of making a transfer policy also begins but later it is put on hold. This time the BJP government has prepared a draft of the transfer policy as soon as it came to power.