Will the daughters-in-law who have come to Rajasthan from other states get reservation in government jobs or not? Know here

Jaipur : Women who have come from other states after marriage will get the benefit of EWS reservation if they are eligible. According to the rules of the Social Justice and Empowerment Department, EWS certificate can be issued on fulfilling the provision of the Personnel Department. On this basis, one can get the benefit of EWS reservation in direct recruitment. The state government has given this information in response to the question of MLA Manoj Nyangli. Nyangli had also asked through another question whether the state has any idea of ​​giving government jobs under reservation to SC-ST category women married in the state from other states by considering them as permanent / native residents on the basis of marriage with men of the same category?

On this, the government said that there is no such provision. The government clarified that as per the orders issued by the Central and State Government, those SC/ST people who go from their native state to another state for education and employment will retain their status as Scheduled Caste/Tribe, but they will be entitled to get the concessions and benefits given to Scheduled Caste/Tribe in their native state, not in the state where they have come to live.