Good news for common people, know the new update about CM Ayushman Arogya Bima

Jaipur : New update on Chief Minister Ayushman Arogya Bima. Preparations have intensified to implement the Chief Minister Ayushman Arogya Bima Yojana, which was started during the previous Congress government in Rajasthan. In the upcoming budget, some new treatment packages including IVF can be added to this scheme along with new package rates. The Medical and Health Department has asked the Jaipur Women’s Hospital Administration to make a complete assessment of the cost of treatment for IVF. If this proposal is approved, then the gift of getting free treatment of infertility through IVF method can be found in private hospitals along with government hospitals. Currently, couples have to spend lakhs of rupees on its treatment.

Chiranjeevi Bima Yojana got a new name

The Congress government had implemented the Chiranjeevi Bima Yojana by merging it with the Centre’s Ayushman Bima Yojana. But then the scheme was promoted only by the name of Chiranjeevi. The BJP government has already started the change by removing the word Chiranjeevi from it in the interim budget and naming it the Chief Minister Ayushman Arogya Bima Yojana.

Discrepancies in package rates will be removed!

There has been a dispute between private hospitals over the package rates of the Chiranjeevi scheme since the time of the Congress government. The main opposition is to the implementation of the same package rates in big and small hospitals without creating categories of hospitals. Due to this, big private hospitals did not join this scheme. Now the present government can remove this big discrepancy and implement new package rates.

Doubt over Rs 25 lakh insurance deduction

The Congress government had increased the scope of the insurance scheme first to Rs 5 lakh, then to Rs 20 lakh and then to Rs 25 lakh. But the BJP has been raising questions on it since then. The current Medical and Health Minister Gajendra Singh Khinvsar has also targeted the previous government on this issue and said that till now a maximum of Rs 13 lakh had been spent in one case under the scheme. The BJP government wants to withdraw the 25 lakh insurance coverage, but in view of the by-elections in the state on June 30, the government seems to be in a dilemma in taking a decision on this. This aspect is also being considered in the medical department that when people are not coming to claim up to Rs 25 lakh, then the message of reducing the scope of the scheme should not be given by cutting it. In such a situation, the government is moving forward while taking all kinds of precautions.