Lakhs of people in Rajasthan have water connection, but there is no water in villages, villagers are upset

Jaipur : Under the Jal Jeevan Mission scheme, more than 10.47 lakh domestic tap connections have been issued in 9 districts of western Rajasthan since 2019. But, the ground reality is very shocking. There are 2 big challenges to quench the thirst of Jodhpur, Nagaur, Barmer, Jaisalmer, Bikaner, Sriganganagar, Hanumangarh, Churu. First- connections are being made to show figures, but the tanks are empty for 2 years. Not even a drop has reached more than 10.47 lakh connections since 2019. While people have got receipts. Second- The Indira Gandhi Canal, on the basis of which connections are being made, is currently not able to meet the supply of urban areas. In the year 2017, assuming a population of 15 lakh, 800 MLD water was required per day. Now at present the population has crossed 22 lakh and 1250 MLD water is required for this. Out of which only 1224 MLD water is being supplied.

Water did not reach many villages of Jodhpur even once, 20 villages of Nagaur are facing water crisis

I have given you the tap but no water is coming

A water tank has been built in Kherwad of Nagaur since 1 year. Pipes are lying outside because there is no system to lift water. Ijulal Khoja and Premaram Khoja said that taps have been given but water is not coming.

Ganga Singh, a resident of Tangla in Nagaur district, says that on 24 December 2021, a receipt of Rs 1250 was issued for the connection, but water did not come. The situation is the same in 20 surrounding villages including Kherwad.

By building a high reservoir in Khari Beri of Jodhpur district, 150 connections were made. Water was filled in the tank built a year ago only for testing. After that, water has not come even once. The pipes are lying outside.

In Barmer’s Siwana Panchayat area, a water tank has been built and left abandoned. The pipeline is lying open near it. The situation is similar in other gram panchayats and rural areas of the district. Villagers are asking when will water reach the taps?

If we are unable to meet the demand of urban areas, then where will 40 cusecs of water come from for rural areas?

18,000 cusecs of water is released daily from the Herik Barrage of the 649 km long Indira Gandhi Canal. Its length in Rajasthan is about 204 km. There is about 225 MLD water per 100 cusecs. Currently, 240 cusecs of water is given to Jodhpur, 50 to Barmer, 70 to Jaisalmer rural, 30 to Jaisalmer city, 30 to Pokaran, 70 to Nagaur and 120 cusecs to Bikaner every day. Whereas as per the new connections in rural areas, each district will need an average of 30 to 40 cusecs more water.

Difference between demand and supply in Nagaur

According to the urban population of the year 2017, Nagaur district needs 74 MLD water per day. According to WHO data, 135 liters of water is required per person per day. At present, this demand has reached 115 MLD in the urban areas of Nagaur. On top of this, 1 lakh 72790 more water connections have been made in the rural areas.