This district of Rajasthan will be abolished, decision of Bhajan Lal government

Bhilwara : Bhilwara district with a population of 30 lakh has reduced to 18 lakh in just 11 months. The geographical structure of Bhilwara district has changed due to the change brought about by making Shahpura subdivision a new district. Natural and ancient wealth has also been divided. However, an administrative committee has been formed to review the newly formed districts in the state. In this, there is a discussion of making Shahpura the subdivision headquarters again.

Speculation market heats up

Bhajanlal Sharma government has recently formed a committee under the chairmanship of Deputy Chief Minister Premchand Bairwa to review the 19 districts formed during the tenure of the previous Gehlot government. There is a discussion that the formation of nine new districts including Shahpura may be reviewed again. In such a situation, there is a possibility of Shahpura being converted into a subdivision headquarters again. There is a lot of speculation in the political and administrative circles regarding the formation of Shahpura in view of the budget.

Shahpura fulfills all the criteria of the district

Shahpura meets all the criteria of being a district. The district was formed on the demand of the public. I have met the Chief Minister and told him the facts and the wishes of the public. I have also advocated before the administrative committee convenor Deputy Chief Minister Premchand Bairwa and his team. Everyone wants that Shahpura should remain a district.

I don’t know, I’ll find out

I have not spoken to anyone in this regard. I will be able to clarify the situation only after getting factual information

will respect the decision

A lot depends on the report of the state government committee. The government will take a good decision. We will respect the decision.