Heavy storm and rain, strong winds caused panic among air travellers

Jaipur : In the capital Jaipur, the common people heaved a sigh of relief when it rained. On the other hand, during the rain, three flights could not land at Jaipur International Airport. They kept circling in the air for about half an hour. It is being told that the flight coming from Jodhpur to Jaipur was stuck in turbulence. This frightened the passengers. However, the airport administration has denied this. According to the information received from the airport administration, during the rain on Thursday afternoon, Vistara Airlines’ Mumbai to Jaipur flight, Indigo Airlines’ Hyderabad to Jaipur flight and IndiGo Airlines’ Jodhpur to Jaipur flight could not land. All three flights kept circling in the air for about 25 to 30 minutes. All three could land after the weather cleared. It is being told that during this time the Jodhpur-Jaipur flight was stuck in turbulence. The passengers got frightened due to the jolts. However, this happened only for a few minutes. After the rain, a safe landing was done. On the other hand, the airport administration clearly denied this happening.

Passengers created a ruckus due to delay

Due to bad weather, Alliance Airlines flight from Jaipur to Delhi at 2.10 pm took off about 5 hours late. During this time, the passengers created a ruckus at the airport. The airline staff somehow managed to pacify the situation by explaining things to them.

Flights arrived in Jaipur from Delhi, bad night last night

Here, on Wednesday night, due to bad weather in Delhi, 12 domestic and international flights were diverted to Jaipur, causing problems for the passengers. According to the information, the arrival of flights started from 11 pm and continued for one and a half hours. After the weather cleared in Delhi around 2 am, flights departed one after the other. These included a total of 12 flights including Mumbai to Delhi, Dhaka to Delhi, Srinagar to Delhi, Singapore to Delhi, Kathmandu to Delhi, Patna to Delhi.