You too can save yourself from the cyber frauds happening every day, just keep these simple things in mind

Jaipur : Seeing the increasing cases of cyber fraud, Rajasthan Police has now launched a campaign to make people aware on social media. Police told people on social media that 7.40 lakh cases of cyber fraud have been registered in the last four months. That means cyber fraudsters are cheating two lakh people every month. Recently, Chief Minister Bhajanlal Sharma also expressed concern about the increasing incidents of cyber fraud.

Take care of them

Rajasthan police issued a message on social media that it is easy to avoid cyber fraud…if you keep these important things in mind…

Do not use free gaming apps

Do not share your OTP and PIN number with anyone

Do not click on any unknown link

Do not download apps from third party sites or links

Be cautious while using investment-trading apps

While investing money online, please cross check the app/website

Stay away from loan apps

Be sure to read the description when downloading an app from Google Play Store or Apple Store

In case of fraud, immediately lodge a complaint on helpline number 1930