Crores of rupees were donated to this temple in Rajasthan, so far 120580000 rupees have been collected

Chittorgarh : Two rounds of counting have been completed so far from the monthly donation box of Shri Sanwalia Seth, the most famous Krishna Dham of Chittorgarh district. In this, notes worth about 12 crore 5 lakh 81 thousand rupees have been counted. Today i.e. on Tuesday, the third round of counting of the amount taken out from the donation box is to be done. Apart from this, the gold and silver taken out from the donation room and donation box of the temple is also yet to be weighed. Information about which is not available at the moment. In the first round of counting from the donation box of Sanwalia Seth, which was opened on July 4, notes worth 7 crore 70 lakh 41 thousand were counted. After which the counting of notes could not be done due to Amavasya on July 5. After this, the second round of counting started on Monday, July 7. In which 4 crore, 35 lakh 40 thousand rupees were taken out.

The counting begins after the Rajbhog Aarti

It is worth noting that every month on the Chaturdashi of Krishna Paksha, the storehouse of Lord Shri Shrisawalia Seth is opened. This counting starts after Rajbhog Aarti in the temple. All the members of Shri Sanwaliaji Mandir Mandal Mandfia are present to do this. In this, the storehouse was opened in the presence of CEO Rakesh Kumar, Mandir Mandal President Bhairu Lal Gurjar and many other members. After two phases of counting, the third phase of counting is going to be held today i.e. on July 9. For this, the donation amount will be counted amid tight security in the temple. During the counting of donations, monitoring is also being done through CCTV and cameras.

In June, 17 crore 12 lakh 74 thousand 984 rupees were taken out from the donation box

Members of the temple board and employees of various banks are coming to count the notes from morning to evening. Since the number of notes in the donation box is in crores every month, the counting of notes is completed in 3-4 stages. Donations worth 17 crore 12 lakh 74 thousand 984 rupees came out from the donation box of Shri Sanwalia Seth, which was opened in June last month. Apart from this, 1 kg 849 grams 510 milligrams of gold and 68 kg 6 grams 500 milligrams of silver were found.