IIT Jodhpur became the first institute of the country where engineering will be taught in Hindi

Jodhpur : Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Jodhpur is going to implement Hindi language in the first year of Bachelor of Technology (B.Tech) from this year. Hindi medium students will be able to sit in a separate section in the first year of B.Tech. The English section will be separate. Students will also be able to switch between Hindi and English sections during studies. The same teacher will teach both Hindi and English so that the quality of engineering studies remains maintained. In Hindi classes, IIT teachers will keep translating topics in English as well as Hindi, so that those sitting in Hindi medium classes can learn English simultaneously. This will greatly benefit students coming from rural backgrounds.

It became the country’s first IIT

IIT Jodhpur approved this proposal in its Senate meeting on June 26 and in the Board of Governors meeting on June 28 and sent it to the Union Education Ministry. The Union Education Ministry informed about this by posting on social media on Tuesday morning. IIT Jodhpur has become the first IIT in the country to implement this innovation. This step is in line with the New Education Policy 2020, which talks about giving importance to studies in regional languages. Teaching B.Tech first year courses in both Hindi and English languages ​​will increase the understanding and knowledge of the course material of the students. This will help the students to adapt to the academic environment.