Amazing things made from junk like elephants, horses and statues will now be seen in parks and squares, children will play with them

Jaipur : Heritage Corporation is going to install elephants and horses made of junk in parks. Plastic has been used in this. Greenery will be planted around so that these statues look beautiful. These will be installed in Jaynivas Udyan, Shaheed Bhagat Singh Park, President’s Ground and other parks. Apart from these, a 600 kg woman’s figure has been prepared from iron scrap. The corporation will install that too soon. At the same time, climbers are being prepared from the damaged tyres of the garage branch and the tyres coming in junk. Children will be able to play on it. Actually, there is a provision of innovation by recycling junk and garbage in the Swachh Survey. The body doing this also gets marks. For the first time, such an experiment is being done in the Heritage Corporation.

They are also doing this

True Tree: Small tyres are used to form a tree.

The sofa has been made using cardboard found in junk.

Plastic waste is being used in making furniture.

The corporation is doing this innovation under Waste to Wonder. By doing this, not only is the waste being used properly, but an attempt has also been made to give the message to people to take care of animals. Many artists of the city have been involved in this innovation. – Abhishek Surana, Commissioner

Some proposals were made and given to the corporation. Work has started on some of them. The corporation has provided scrap and other necessary items. The whole team has prepared these items together. These will look more beautiful after being installed in the park. -Mohit Jangid, Artist

Standing Lady: It is planned to be placed at Sodalala Tiraha. Finishing work is going on. The corporation gave waste to the artist and after cleaning it, it was molded into a statue. The statue weighing 600 kg was made in a month.

Human Face: It will be installed on Sardar Patel Marg, Bajaj Nagar. Its work is almost complete. This face weighing around 100 kg was made from junk provided to the artist by the corporation itself. A team of five artists has given it a tangible form.

Fishes and Rhinoceros: Wires recovered from junk have been used to make the sculpture. Plastic bottles will be coloured and filled in the sculpture. These sculptures will be ready by July 7. There is a plan to keep the Rhinoceros at the Heritage office and the fishes at the dam of Jalmahal and on the banks of the Dravyavati river.