This time 60% young devotees left for Amarnath Yatra from Jaipur, devotion of Baba Barfani

Jaipur : The darshan of Baba Amarnath in the holy cave of Baba Barfani will begin from Saturday. The devotees who left the capital a few days ago on the call of Baba Barfani have reached Baltal and more than two thousand devotees are included in the total ten batches that have gone so far. According to the various banks and Amarnath Shrine Board registering for the Yatra, 20 thousand devotees from Jaipur district have registered so far for this journey to the peak of spirituality. 60 percent of these devotees who have registered are youth (from 21 to 35 years) and young men and women who are travelling for the first time. Earlier, the number of youth in the groups going to Amarnath Yatra used to be around 25 percent. Actually, this change has come due to the thrill associated with this journey of many days along with devotion. Apart from this, the number of youth is also more among the people who go for service work in the Bhandars set up on the Yatra route.

Aditya Goyal, a resident of C-Scheme, who has been going on the Amarnath Yatra for the past several years, said that his mind felt immense peace after going on the Yatra. He is still fulfilling the resolution of giving up evil in his first Yatra. Gautam Sharma and Meenal Pareek, residents of Panchsheel Marg, said that the Amarnath Yatra is not a tour but a path of devotion. Meanwhile, Pankaj Soni, chairman of Jaipur Bhandara, said that the Bhandara will begin from Saturday in Baltal. 40 out of the 60 members of the team that went for the Bhandara are youths. Many of them go along every year to serve in the Bhandara.

Jaipuri will be the plea of ​​devotees for 52 days

During the Amarnath Yatra, I got a chance to see and understand nature closely as well as to know myself. This changed my personality and my outlook towards the world. Sh Panchsheel MargMeditation and worship of Ishtdev is as important as job-business and spending time with family. I have been going to Amarnath for many years to fulfill this goal. This gives a lot of peace to the mind. Every year, in the beginning, after reaching Baltal, preparations for the bhandaar are made. I spend about 20 days serving the devotees and worshiping Baba Barfani. This has been continuing for the last seven years.