This robber bride married many times, now she is looking for a new one, police caught her, know the matter

Churu : Ratangarh police of Churu district of Rajasthan has arrested a woman. Her age is about 32 years. She has married six times in a few days, besides this she has three children. She was preparing to marry for the seventh time, but before that the police arrested her. A person named Bhadar Singh living in Ratangarh of Churu had filed a report against her.

One does not stay with another for more than 20 days

Ratangarh police said that 32-year-old Veerpal was arrested on Wednesday. One of his associates was also arrested. But the police have given news of him today. Both of them used to run a marriage company together. Veerpal has married six times so far. These marriages have taken place in Nagaur, Bikaner and Churu districts. Before marriage, she used to tell herself to be poor for three to four lakh rupees and after that she would not stay with each groom for more than 20 days. Within 20 days, she would run away after stealing all the money, jewelry and other valuables from the house.

The cunning woman is from Churu

Police said that Veerpal has three children and a husband. But to fulfill her hobbies, she left everything including children and family. At present, Churu police has arrested her. Bhadar Singh, who reported against her, told the police that she was married to Veerpal on 24 April 2024. She used to say that she was from Bikaner. But it was found that she is from Churu. After staying at home for 19 days, she absconded with jewelry and money. Police has arrested her now. One of her accomplices has also been taken on demand.