Expensive hobbies made the young man a criminal, now the police caught him, know the matter

Jaipur : Jaipur’s Mansarovar police station has arrested a clever mobile thief. This rogue used to come to Jaipur from Sikar in luxury cars to steal mobiles. Then he would commit the crime. He would steal more than a dozen mobiles at a time. Then he would take them to Sikar and sell them at whatever price he wanted. He would fulfill his desires with the money he got. When the money ran out, he would rent a car again. After coming to Jaipur, he would go to the boys hostel and commit the theft.

Mansarovar police station CI Rajendra Godara said- For some time, information was being received about mobile theft in the boys hostel built around Gurjar Ki Thadi in the police station area. On this, instructions were given to send a police team to the spot and investigate. When the team also inquired in other nearby hostels, it was found that a young man comes in a luxury car and steals mobiles by entering the rooms. On this, the team was activated. On the basis of CCTV found on the spot, the search for the accused began, on which today mobile thief Pawan Bijarani (20) son of Shivpal Jat resident of village Raiwasi police station Dhod district Sikar was arrested. In the initial interrogation, the accused told- he used to rent a car from Sikar. After this he used to change the number plate of the car. There are a large number of boys hostels around Gurjar Ki Thadi. Where he used to go between 6 to 7 in the morning. He used to enter the rooms of the hostel while talking on the mobile.

He also keeps the car number wrong

Due to the heat, most of the rooms were found open. The accused would enter those rooms and steal the mobile phones of the youth kept there. The accused would commit this crime in three to four rooms in a hostel and leave in his rented car. Even after getting the CCTV footage, the police could not catch the accused because the car number was wrong. The accused used to sell these mobile phones to different people in Sikar. He used to steal more than a dozen mobile phones at a time. He used to sell them in Sikar for 50 to 90 thousand rupees. The rent of the car was 5 to 10 thousand rupees. After committing the crime, he used to give the car to the car owner and spend the money on his hobbies like expensive clothes, mobiles, dirt.