The land of Rajasthan is spewing gold, gold reserves found in this district, people became rich

Banswara : Gold mining work has started in a district of Rajasthan. The government has completed the auction process of Bhukia-Jagpura mining block of the district. In the online tender process, Syed Owais Ali firm of Ratlam has got its license. This district of Rajasthan has become one of the four states of the country with selected gold reserves. It is being told that in the coming time it will supply 25% of the country’s gold.

Licensed for gold mining

Two blocks Bhukia-Jagpura were allotted for mining in Ghatol block of Banswara district of the state. Recently, there was a tough competition between more than four big companies of the country for the license for gold mining for both the blocks. Out of which Syed Owais Ali firm of Ratlam got the license.

These companies are involved in the competition

Out of the two blocks allotted for gold mining in Banswara, Rajasthan, the license for Jagpura has been given. Whereas, 5 companies have come for the composite license of the second block Kankaria Gara Gold. The competitors are Hirakund Natural Resources Limited of Ahmedabad, Poddar Diamond Private Limited of Mumbai, Owaisi Metal and Minerals Processing Limited of Ratlam, Hindustan Zinc Limited of Udaipur and JK Cement Limited of Kanpur.

Assessment of 113.52 million tonnes of gold ore

According to geologists, an initial estimate of 113.52 million tonnes of gold ore has been made in an area of ​​940.26 hectares in this area, in which the quantity of gold metal has been estimated to be 222.39 tonnes. 1.24 million tonnes of gold ore is possible in 205 hectares in Kankaria Gara.
These gold mines will also produce other co-minerals along with gold. Gold mining in Banswara district will lead to new investments in many industries including electronics, petroleum, petrochemicals, batteries, air bags and also create unprecedented opportunities for direct and indirect employment.