Dholpur farmers have high hopes from Bhajan Lal government’s budget, will get relief

Dholpur : Farmers of Dholpur district have shared their views regarding the upcoming budget of the state government. The first budget of the double engine government will be presented in the state in July. In this, the farmers of Dholpur told what big expectations they see from this budget. Farmers told that farming is continuously proving to be a loss-making deal for the farmers. There is a huge increase in the prices of fertilizers, seeds, urea, DAP and pesticides. Apart from this, inflation is also increasing continuously on other farming equipment. Due to this, they are not able to get production according to the cost in farming. He further told that he gets disappointment in every season. Farmers’ pain spilled over many things including power cuts. He told that often the supply of electricity for irrigation is not available on time. Due to which there are many difficulties in farming.

Insurance does not pay

Farmers told that insurance is done by the government through Agricultural Credit Card, but the state government does not take any concrete steps on the crops getting destroyed due to excessive rain, hailstorm, frost and fog in every season, about which perhaps something will be done in this year’s budget, because most of the farmers do not get insurance for such natural disasters.

Information of the agriculture department is limited to papers

Along with this, farmers are also disappointed with the provision of basic information by the Agriculture Department. They believe that the department and the state government are proving unsuccessful in this task. Because the correct information about the schemes being run in the interest of farmers through the state and central government is not available on time. Apart from this, the Agriculture Department also does not give suggestions to improve the crop. The officers and employees of the department merely sit in the office and complete the formalities and maintain the records.

Ban on black marketing

Farmers said that they have to face black marketing for Rabi and Kharif crops. Due to non-availability of DAP and urea on time, sowing of crops gets delayed. There is rampant black marketing of fertilizers, seeds, urea and pesticides in the market. Fertilizers and seeds have to be purchased at prices higher than the prescribed price.

Who demanded relief in the budget

Apart from this, farmers have demanded relief in the budget from the state government. Farmers say that the government should provide fertilizers, seeds and urea on time, apart from this, support price should be fixed, and the rate of all the farming equipment should be reduced. Farmers have also demanded to increase the amount of Kisan Samman Nidhi.