Jagannath fair and Muharram together in Rajasthan, Muslim community won the hearts of Hindus

Alwar : This time the Muslim community living in Rajasthan’s Alwar district has done such a thing that it has won the hearts of Hindus. This time the Meo community of Alwar has done something that has never happened before. Actually this time in Alwar, the Lord Jagannath fair and the Muharram event… both have been organized on the same day. Both the programs were organized at the same place, but later the Muslim community changed its route. District Meo Panchayat’s patron Sher Mohammad told that both the events are on the same day on 17th July. A large number of people participate in both the events. In such a situation, the route has been changed this time to maintain social harmony.

Moharram on 16 and 17 July

Sher Mohammad said that 16th July is the night of the massacre and the tazias will be buried on 17th. Often the tazias were taken out through the middle of Alwar city. They used to start before noon and were buried in the Karbala ground near Jail Chowk late at night. This time also the same will happen, but this time the tazias will not be taken in the city but from the outskirts of the city to Jail Chowk. So that no party faces any kind of trouble.

Lord Jagannath’s fair from July 15

On the other hand, the fair festival of Lord Jagannath has started. The main events will start from Sunday. The Rath Yatra will depart on Monday, July 15 and will return on July 19. On July 17, the Lakkhi fair will be organized at the temple in Roopbas. This temple is located in the middle of the city. The Muharram procession will be taken out on the 17th. A large number of people from other cities also come to attend this fair. This is the reason that this time the Muslim community has made preparations to take the Tazia through the route outside the city instead of taking it through the middle of the city.