Airbags saved the lives of two lovers, the bride was injured in a horrific accident, know the matter

Pali : In Pali district of Rajasthan, the car of the bride who was returning after the wedding with the groom met with an accident. Both the groom and the bride survived, the airbags in the car opened and both of them escaped narrowly. But the bride suffered serious injuries. She has been admitted to the hospital. The incident happened in Pali district. In the hospital, the groom took such care of his bride that people also got emotional after seeing this couple. People said that this pair is a hit.

Actually, 22-year-old Madan, who lives in Maharana Pratap Nagar area of ​​Pali city, got married to 21-year-old Bhavna, who lives in a nearby town, last night. The bride and groom were leaving early this morning. The bride’s mother-in-law and in-laws were busy preparing to welcome her. But during this time a sad news came.

Know how the car became a victim of the accident

When the car in which the newly married couple was sitting passed by the outskirts of Sanwalta village near Pali city, the driver did not see the cattle sitting on the road. The car collided with it and overturned. But the airbags of the car opened and everyone’s life was saved. It is being told that apart from the bride and groom, there was also the driver in the car. However, the cattle sitting on the road died and the car also got damaged. The bride and groom were admitted to Bangar Hospital in Pali district. But the groom lying on the bed forgot his injury and sat near his bride and started giving her emotional support. The eyes of both of them also became moist. Doctors say that the injury is not serious and he will be discharged from the hospital by tonight.