Jalore Rajasthan youth kidnapped and murdered in China, know the main reason in the video

Jalore : Shocking information has come to light in the case of murder of a youth from Jalore in China. It has been learned that Satish, a resident of Bhinmal, was kidnapped by some miscreants in China. Later he was held hostage and beaten up. The kidnappers had demanded a ransom of Rs 1 crore from Satish’s family. Such a huge ransom amount could not be arranged because Satish belonged to a poor family. On not getting the ransom, the kidnappers killed Satish by throwing him down from a four-storey building.

The ransom money was to be sent to Mumbai via hawala
The kidnappers had sent a WhatsApp message to Satish’s cousin asking for ransom. They wrote in the message that if Satish is wanted alive, then one crore rupees will have to be paid. Although Satish’s family is poor, but his brother told the kidnappers that they are arranging the money. Satish’s family asked for a few days’ time but the kidnappers asked for one crore rupees just after one day. The ransom amount was asked to be given to a mobile dealer in Mumbai. The family arranged about 50-60 lakh rupees and after reaching Mumbai, they told the mobile dealer that they could not arrange the full one crore. Satish should be released only after taking this amount. On this, the mobile dealer said that he cannot do anything in this matter because the kidnappers sitting in China are demanding one crore rupees.

The first ransom call came on June 21
Satish’s father Narsa Ram Mali says that on the night of 21 June, the kidnappers called Satish’s friend Kalpesh Prajapati, a resident of Surat (Gujarat). First of all, the kidnapping and ransom were demanded through him. Kalpesh called Satish’s brother Hitesh and informed him about the kidnapping and ransom. After this, when Hitesh contacted Satish, the kidnappers picked up the call and said that if you want Satish alive, then arrange for one crore rupees. The kidnappers said that they would give the money on 22 June. Then Satish’s mobile got switched off. On 24 June, another call came demanding ransom. Before this, on 23 June, Satish’s brother informed the Indian Embassy about the kidnapping by email.

Information about death received on 26 June
On 26 June, Satish’s family received a call from the Indian Embassy. It was told that the dead body of an Indian youth has been found in Guangzhou, China. It was said that he died due to falling from a four-storey building. The family was devastated after hearing the news of the death. However, the dead body has not been shown to the family yet. Satish’s family has reached Delhi. They are waiting for the Chinese visa to be made so that they can reach Satish. Jalore MP Lumbaram Choudhary has written a letter to Union Foreign Minister S. Jaishankar on 26 June and sought help in bringing Satish’s body to India.

Business partner suspected of kidnapping
Satish’s family members say that for the last two years he was doing business of importing mobile accessories from China and selling them in India. He used to go to China every one or two months. In China, he used to do business with a businessman named Vision. Later he left Vision and started business with a person named Kevin. After a few days, Satish had a dispute with Kevin. Due to this dispute, Satish’s family members suspect that Kevin might have got him kidnapped.