Rajasthan youth brutally murdered in China, thrown down from the roof, uproar ensued, know the matter

Jalore : Satish Kumar Mali, a resident of Bhinmal in Jalore, Rajasthan, was kidnapped in China and the kidnappers demanded a ransom of 1 crore from the family. On not getting the money, the kidnappers threw the young man down from a four-storey building, in which Satish died on the spot. The family has suspected the young man’s business partner for kidnapping and murder. Satish, son of Narsaram Mali, who lived in Bhinmal, was from a BPL (Below Poverty Line) family. On June 21, Satish was kidnapped by some people in China and a ransom of 1 crore rupees was demanded from the family through WhatsApp call. The money was asked to be given to a businessman in Mumbai through hawala. When the family could not arrange the money, the accused killed Satish by throwing him down from a four-storey building.

MP extended a helping hand

Now the family wants to bring Satish’s body to India. But they are facing problems due to visa related issues. In such a situation, Jalore MP Lumbaram has come forward to help this family. On June 26, he wrote a letter to Foreign Minister S. Jaishankar and sought help in getting visa for the family and bringing Satish’s body to India. Today the MP is also going to meet the Union Minister with the family. Along with this, he has contacted the Chinese Embassy in India and demanded to bring Satish’s body to India soon and get justice for the family.

Satish used to bring goods from China and sell them

Family members said that Satish used to work in Mumbai earlier to improve the financial condition of the family. There, a friend gave him the idea of ​​bringing mobile parts from China and selling them in India. There was a good profit in this work, so Satish agreed and he reached Guangzhou city of China two years ago. From there, he started bringing mobile parts to India and selling them at least once a month. During this time, he also stayed in China for 15 to 20 days. Everything was going well. But, on June 21, at around 11 pm, the kidnappers made a WhatsApp call from Satish’s phone to his friend Kalpesh Kumar Prajapati living in Surat. The kidnapper told Kalpesh that they have kidnapped Satish. If you want to see him alive, you will have to pay 1 crore rupees. After this, Kalpesh called Satish’s brother Hitesh and told him the whole thing.

Address given by Mumbai businessman

Satish’s father Narsaram could not arrange the money till 22 June. The kidnappers called Narsaram again from Satish’s phone on 22 June. Satish’s father told him that it will take some time to arrange 1 crore rupees. On this, the kidnappers said that if the money is not arranged soon, they will kill Satish. The kidnapper asked to send the money to Mumbai through hawala. On 24 June, the kidnapper told Satish’s brother that if he wanted to see Satish alive, he would have to pay the money through hawala. The kidnapper told him that there is a businessman named Paras Chaudhary in Mumbai, who has a firm named VJ Gold Banshi Power Chamunda Mobile, the money has to be given to him. On this, Satish’s father sent his relative to Mumbai with the money. The relative told Paras Chaudhary to release Satish in exchange for 50 to 60 lakh rupees.

Suspicion of new business partner

Satish’s uncle Mohanlal told that Satish’s mobile parts business was doing very well. Earlier he was doing business with a businessman named Vision in Guangzhou city of China. Vision had called him from India to China for business. Some time ago he left working with Vision and started working with a person named Kevin. After some time Satish had a dispute with his new business partner Kevin. Satish’s family members suspect that his new business partner is behind his murder. The family members say that Kevin got Satish kidnapped for the greed of money and later got him killed when he did not get the money.