Jaipur Dilawar is on the backfoot over the transfer of Agriculture Minister Kirori, watch the heated debate in the viral video

Jaipur : The Panchayati Raj Department has now taken a U-turn from the order to stop the transfers made after the approval of Agriculture Minister Kirori Lal Meena. Earlier, the order declaring the transfer and posting of engineers from the Agriculture Department to the District Councils and Panchayat Samitis as wrong has now been changed by the Panchayati Raj Department.

The transfers which were earlier declared wrong have now been justified. The Panchayati Raj Commissioner has now issued a second order justifying the transfers of the engineers of the Agriculture Department. In such a situation, it is believed that Minister Madan Dilawar has come on the back foot in front of Minister Kirodi Lal Meena.

The new order of the Panchayati Raj Commissioner has now justified the transfers of engineers against whom objections were raised earlier. The Commissioner changed his own orders and declared them wrong.

Written in the new order- there is no objection to getting the joining done
Panchayati Raj Commissioner Ravi Jain has now issued a new letter to all the Zila Parishads and changed the order issued on June 25 late in the evening on June 27. In the new order, it has been argued that there is no objection to the earlier transfers.

Now it is argued that departmental posts mean Assistant Engineer (AEN) and Executive Engineer (Ex.EN) in Zilla Parishads and Panchayat Samitis for Rural Development Panchayati Raj cadre.

In case of posting on approved posts of Engineering Cadre of Watershed Development and Soil Conservation Department, this department has no objection to joining. Now this fresh order has been sent to all the Zila Parishads and clarification has been given.

Earlier it was written- Agriculture department cannot post on rural development posts
Panchayati Raj Commissioner Ravi Jain had issued a letter to the CEOs of the Zila Parishads on June 25. In which it was written that the Agriculture Department has done the transfer-posting of the engineers of his department in the Zila Parishads, Panchayat Samitis without the approval of the Panchayati Raj Department.

It is not appropriate to transfer engineers of the Agriculture Department without the permission of the Panchayati Department. The Agriculture Department is not the competent authority to make postings on the posts of the Panchayati Raj Department.

Earlier also, from time to time, letters were written to the Agriculture Department to not make transfers and postings without the permission or consent of the department. Despite this, the Agriculture Department and the Agriculture Commissionerate are making transfers and postings of the engineers of their department without approval. This has been taken seriously at the competent level in the department.

Orders were given not to join
The Rural Development Department had issued a letter to all the District Council CEOs asking them not to obey the transfer orders issued by the Agriculture Department. The orders stated that those who have been posted on Rural Development posts by the Agriculture Department should not be allowed to join and those who have joined should be immediately relieved and sent to their original departments. They were warned of action if this was not done.

Panchayati Raj Commissioner’s letter dated June 25, in which he expressed his objection to the transfer of engineers and gave orders to stop their joining and even to relieve them.

After the controversy, now damage control, that is why the order was changed
After the orders of the Panchayati Raj Commissioner, there were signs of the controversy deepening. Agriculture Minister Kirori Lal Meena had objected to this. This controversy had become a topic of discussion in political circles as well.

Seeing the narrative of the dispute growing, the government did damage control. An attempt was made to normalise the situation by changing the old order.

This dispute has arisen at a time when only 5 days are left for the assembly session to begin. The opposition will definitely raise the issue of conflict between ministers, to avoid this, the path of reconciliation has been adopted.

Panchayati Raj Commissioner declared his own orders wrong
Due to the tussle between Minister Kirori Lal Meena and Madan Dilawar, questions were raised on the Panchayati Raj Commissioner. The Commissioner had declared his own orders wrong.

The Commissioner himself justified the transfers which he had earlier declared wrong. The manner in which the Commissioner took a written U-turn in this entire episode has also created documentary evidence of negligence and conflict.