Dirty work was going on here in Rajasthan, people were ashamed, police raided, know the matter

Jodhpur : the news is from Jodhpur district of Rajasthan. Jodhpur police has raided a spa center and arrested eight girls and three boys from there. Today all of them will be presented in the court and after that they will be sent to jail. The incident is being reported from Sardarpura area located in Jodhpur rural area. Police said that complaints were being received for a long time about the spa center running on Sardarpura Road.

Dirty work was going on in the spa center

When a raid was conducted here on Tuesday, there was a stir. It was found that there were three boys along with eight girls in the spa center. The scene inside was shocking. When the documents were searched, it was found that the license for the spa center had been taken but some other work was going on there. Also, the license of the spa center had expired. The police told that the girls who were caught from the spa center were from other states. There had been reports of immoral activities at this spa center earlier as well.

They come for massage and indulge in debauchery

Police said that information about all is being gathered. Similarly, in Barmer district also, police raided last night and detained three boys from a spa center. Apart from them, some girls have also been caught. All three boys had come in the name of massage but were indulging in debauchery. All three have been arrested. Action has been taken against them under PITA Act.

Such cases have also come in Jaipur and Udaipur

Let us tell you that this is not the first case of a racket running in the name of massage. Earlier also the police has raided and exposed such spa-salons in Jaipur-Udaipur and other cities. However, at many places people allege that all this happens due to the connivance of the police. Many times, even after making complaints, no action is taken.