Sensation spread among people after bomb was found in this district of Rajasthan, know the whole matter

Jaisalmer : Sensation spread in the area on Wednesday after a bomb-like object was found just 30 feet away from the ramparts of the historic Sonar Fort of Swarnanagari. The incident took place on Shiva Marg. On receiving the information, the police reached the spot and the shops in the area where the bomb-like object was found on Shiva Marg were closed and the surrounding area was sealed. Earlier on Wednesday at 10 am, a bomb-like object was seen on Shiva Marg. When people came closer and saw it, they got scared. This bomb-like object, which is about one feet long, is currently under police surveillance and bags of soil have been kept around it by the police. It is worth noting that the Devchandraeshwar temple is located right in front of the place where the bomb-like object was found. City Kotwal Sawai Singh said that on receiving the information about the bomb-like object, the entire route has been put under surveillance. The army has been informed to investigate and defuse the bomb-like object. The district and police administration became fully active regarding this incident of bomb being found and the army was contacted by them.

How did the bomb reach the public road?

It is being speculated that the bomb was used in a war weapon like mortar. It is suspected that someone might have placed it here after finding a bomb in junk. The reality can be revealed by examining the CCTV footage. Till Wednesday evening, the bomb-like object was under police surveillance and the army squad had not arrived to defuse the bomb.