What kind of corruption is this in Rajasthan, fraudsters made fake seals of everyone from judges to patwaris

Chittorgarh : A gang of fake seals has been exposed in Chittorgarh district of Rajasthan. 75 seals of different officials including Judge, Additional District Magistrate, DySP, Tehsildar and Patwari have been recovered from them. If someone has to get bail, then this gang would prepare certificates by making fake signatures of government officials from home and present them in the court. LLB pass Satish Jain used to prepare the seals and certificates of all these people himself.

500 people got bail

Now after being arrested by the police, Satish Jain has revealed many secrets about these fake seals to the police. It was told that till now LLB pass Satish Jain has helped about 500 people get bail by preparing fake documents. The fake documents of this gang were exposed not by the police but by the court judge during the documents presented for bail. In such a situation, there is panic among other people associated with the gang.

The judge caught him red handed in the court

The two accused who have been arrested by the police are LLB pass Satish Jain and his real brother Lalit Jain, who recently came to Begu court to provide bail to an unknown person. Fake documents were prepared and presented during the attested bail. The judge caught them in the court while investigating the documents. After catching the fake documents, the illegal business run by LLB pass Satish Jain with a fake seal was exposed.

Bail of 1 lakh for 5 thousand

Actually, Suresh Bansal, a resident of Panchkula, Haryana, was lodged in Begu jail of Chittorgarh district in a fraud case. It is alleged that he had committed fraud of Rs 16 lakh in buying 103 bighas of land in Kharnoi village of Rawatbhata. Raj Kumar Khatri, a resident of Talwandi Kota, had registered this case against him, in which the accused was caught by the police after eight years. For his bail, ADJ Court Begu had ordered a confirmed bail of Rs one lakh. After this, LLB Satish Jain received a call from an acquaintance to give bail in this case. The bail deal was fixed for five thousand rupees, for which Satish and his brother Lalit, who came to give bail, did not even know the accused lodged in jail. The bail letter was to be presented in the court of Rawatbhata. But due to the absence of the magistrate, the bail letter was presented in the Additional District Session Court Begu on June 19.

Suspicion arose after seeing signatures with the same ink

Then LLB pass Satish Jain and his real brother appeared in ACJM court Begu with bail papers. In these attested documents, LLB pass Satish Jain presented his own ownership status certificate of Rs 8 lakh with the signature of Bhim Tehsildar and his real brother Lalit Jain presented his own ownership status certificate of Rs 5 lakh with the signature of Girwa Tehsildar. Additional Chief Judicial Magistrate Piyush Jaliya doubted the certificates presented by Satish and Lalit Jain in the Additional District Session Court Begu. There were no e-signatures on the status certificates, rather the signatures were made with the same pen and ink and the format was the same, which raised doubts.

The judge called the Tehsildar
On this, Chief Judicial Magistrate of Additional District Session Court Begu, Piyush Jaliya, spoke to Girwa Tehsildar Suresh Mehta and Bhim Tehsildar Lala Ram over phone and verified the status certificates. Both the Tehsildars said that the register of dispatch number issued for the said status certificates was not in circulation. All the status certificates were issued digitally by the then Tehsildar. The Additional Chief Judicial Magistrate caught the fraud of fake seal and fake documents presented by Satish Jain and Lalit Jain. The court informed the police and on this, LLB pass Satish Jain and Lalit Jain were detained by the police from the court itself. A report was given to Begu Police Station on June 20 by Rawatbhata Court Reader. On the report, a case was registered against Satish Jain and Lalit Jain under sections 420, 466, 468, 471 and 120B IPC. Satish and Lalit Jain were arrested.

All 75 fake seals found in the car

After Satish Jain was arrested, the car in which he was travelling was searched and 75 seals and more than 30 status certificates were recovered. These fake seals included seals of ACJM Court Udaipur, DYSP Anta Bara, Udaipur Thanadhikari, Tehsildar Girwa, Sub Tehsildar Girwa, Executive Magistrate Kurabad, Bhim Tehsildar, SDM Nathdwara, CJM Gogunda, Additional District Collector Udaipur, Deputy Registrar Udaipur, Electoral Registrar Officer Nathdwara, City Magistrate Gogunda, Tehsildar Rajsamand, Patwaris including Court Reader. Not only this, a fake seal of Election Observer was also found in Satish Jain’s car, with which fake passes were issued to many people in the last Lok Sabha elections.

The business was started during the Corona period

During police interrogation, it was revealed that Satish Jain has got people released on bail by making fake certificates in Gujarat apart from Rajasthan. In 2021, during the Corona period, he started illegal business by making fake seals. Since then, he has spread the illegal business of getting fake bails. So far, he has got bails of about 500 people done with fake documents. During police interrogation, it was also revealed that he has made a seal in the name of President Mewar Mahila Shahri Ajeevika Samiti and has also taken a loan with this fake seal. In this illegal business of fake bail, in most of the cases, people have been released on bail by submitting fake documents under section 151. The deal for getting bails is said to be between 5 thousand to 40-50 thousand rupees.

Police engaged in tracing from call records

The police presented Lalit Jain in the court and sent him to jail. On the other hand, after the completion of 4 days police remand of LLB pass Satish Jain, he was again presented in the court on Monday, from where the accused Satish Jain was again sent on 5 days PC remand. Both Satish Jain and Lalit Jain are residents of Bhopalpura Udaipur. While investigating this case, the police reached an e-mitra center from where the accused used to make fake documents, and seized a computer from there. It was told that the accused Satish Jain used to make fake seals from Udaipur and Chittorgarh city and use them. The police has started extracting the details of the phone calls of the accused who has given about five hundred fake bails so far, so that the files of bails obtained through fake documents can be traced. At present, LLB pass Satish Jain is on 5 days PC remand. The police will reach the people associated with this gang on the basis of Satish Jain’s mobile call details and will completely expose this gang that makes fake seals and fake documents. There is panic among the people associated with this gang.