A huge fire broke out in this showroom of Dungarpur, causing panic among people, huge loss

Dungarpur : A fire broke out in the showroom of Team Paris near Maharana Pratap Circle on Hospital Road in the city on Monday night. The showroom was closed about 2 hours ago and people had gone home. Seeing smoke rising from the showroom, people raised an alarm. A crowd of people gathered.

The second fire brigade vehicle broke down

As soon as the shutter was opened, flames started rising from inside. Plumes of smoke started coming out. Fire brigade from the city council reached the spot, but could not extinguish the fire with one fire engine. The fire in the clothes started increasing. As the second fire brigade vehicle broke down, the same vehicle again reached to get water.

The fire brigade vehicle arrived one hour late

It took more than 1 hour to come back. The fire could be controlled only after the fire brigade arrived after one hour, but by then the clothes had been burnt. Acting Commissioner of Nagar Parishad Kuldeep Singh said that the fire in the showroom is being said to have started due to a short-circuit. The real reasons can be known only after investigation.

The nearby traders were also worried

Seeing the flames rising from the showroom, the nearby traders also panicked. There was a grocery consumer market near the showroom. While, on the other side, there was another clothing showroom. After the fire broke out, traders from nearby shops also reached there. They started making efforts to ensure that the fire did not reach their shops.

The Municipal Council has 2 fire brigades, one out of order

The Nagar Parishad has 2 fire brigades, out of which 1 fire brigade vehicle is said to be out of order. Due to this, after the water of one fire brigade got exhausted, it took an hour for the same vehicle to return. If the other fire brigade vehicle had been there, the fire could have been extinguished on time. People also expressed anger regarding the fire brigade.