First he got married without dowry, later he did such a thing that even people were shocked, know the matter

Nagaur : Often we see that people in Rajasthan are now against the dowry system. Here the boy and his family do not even take dowry in marriages. But imagine what would happen if even after this a bride runs away with everything of the groom.

absconded with jewelry worth 15 lakhs

A similar case has come to light from Nagaur district of Rajasthan. A youth from Ladnun town here has filed a case against his wife for absconding with jewelry and demanding Rs 15 lakh.

marriage without dowry

In a complaint to the police, Jaswantgarh resident Mohit Prajapat has said that on March 30, he got married to a girl named Sonu living in the urban area of ​​Sujangarh. He did not take dowry in the marriage but after marriage, he got jewellery worth lakhs of rupees made for his wife on his own will.

First he demanded money, then fled with dowry

Initially she kept adjusting to the family but later the bride Sonu’s demands kept increasing and she kept demanding 15 lakhs from her husband Mohit. But when the husband was unable to give the money, the quarrel between the two kept increasing and now the bride Sonu has absconded with jewellery worth lakhs of rupees.