Preparations to increase the retirement age of teachers in Rajasthan, know the plan of Bhajanlal government

Jaipur : There is a great news for the teachers of Rajasthan. The Bhajanlal Sharma government of the state is preparing to increase the retirement age of teachers. Currently, the retirement age of teachers in the state is 60 years. It can be increased to 65 years. Deliberation is going on at the Chief Minister’s level. Soon a big decision can be taken on this. If this happens, the job of lakhs of teachers of the state will be extended by 5 more years. This will also increase the income of lakhs of families of the state. It is known that on Friday, Chief Minister Bhajanlal Sharma himself has given big information on the ongoing deliberation on the proposal to increase the retirement age of teachers.

Along with increasing the retirement age, there is also brainstorming on promotion every year

On the occasion of Yoga Day on June 21, after doing yoga in the morning, Chief Minister Bhajanlal Sharma reached Jaipur to attend the provincial convention of All India National Educational Federation. A large number of teachers were also present in this convention. In this program, CM Bhajanlal Sharma said, “Our government is also brainstorming on increasing the retirement age of teachers in college to 65 years. Along with this, employees should be promoted every year in every department so that they can get basic facilities. Our government is committed to this.” It is known that even during the previous Gehlot government, there was a demand to increase the retirement age of teachers. Currently, the current retirement age of principals, lecturers, librarians and administrative employees in the education department in Rajasthan is 60 years.

Recruitment will be done for government jobs every month

Earlier, while speaking at the inaugural ceremony of the 62nd provincial convention of All India National Educational Federation on Friday, Rajasthan CM Bhajan Lal Sharma made a big announcement. The Chief Minister said, ‘We will not let any vacancy remain vacant in any department now. The senior officials of all the departments have been told to prepare a list as soon as the post becomes vacant on the retirement of an employee and issue recruitments every month.’

CM raised questions on the work of Congress government
In the program, the CM fiercely attacked the previous Congress government of the state. Raising questions on the functioning of the Gehlot government, the CM said – Congress opened schools where there were no teachers. Where there were no professors, colleges were opened. Today the number of students in the colleges of the state is 11, 15 and 20. Which exposes the deeds of the Congress government. The previous Congress government also did black deeds in Jal Jeevan Mission, the loss of which is now being suffered by the public.